Our building was built in 1949 By H.B.Christman and Son for the purpose of being a auto parts store.

The Burke family owned the property and gave it to Christman for the auto parts store because Burke had a car dealership where the Medical Commons next us are now.

The theory was buy and car and get parts right there if needed. Today they have everything in one stop shopping.

It wasn’t long after they built the building that they became a NAPA Certified auto dealer. We actually have stuff our Aunt gave us from NAPA to have and put in the walls.

Interesting fact, H.B.Christman’s (1871-1957) Grandson Robert Christman was our uncle by marriage. He married my moms sister. They got divorced in the mid 70’s but we always called him uncle Bobby.

Christman’s first daughter Robin is our true cousin and her grandparents were our grandparents on my mom’s side. So the building is sorta special to all of us in a way.

We have stripped the wood parts shelves that are at least 70 years old or older from the original H.B.Christmans in Wildwood to use on the walls and front of bar in the brewery.

So big connection to the Christman legacy and story. We have other things we got from Aunt Debbie this winter as well. So the building will continue to honor H.B and the Christman legacy.