2018 marks 7 yrs. for Good Time Tricycle at the helm.

Decades ago, Atlantic City had one of the largest and most coveted seafood festivals in the nation. The annual event took place in historic Gardner’s Basin, at the north end of Atlantic City. The event subsequently faded into the annuls of local history…

…until 2012, when Good Time Tricycle Productions created a new event that exceeded all previous expectations, with a larger floor plan, more programming, and family-friendly activities.

With the majority of the restaurants attending being brick and mortar Atlantic City restaurants, The Atlantic City Seafood festival will continue to give attendees the opportunity to experience this seaside city as a culinary destination. It is also a great opportunity for foodies and food seekers to meet some of Atlantic City’s most unique chefs and restaurateurs all while eating their tasty creations. From clams to calamari, oysters to ahi, and even alligator too, The Atlantic City Seafood Festival has it all!